Notice: Blanchard Piano is still providing free estimates for full piano restorations, but we are currently booked for full piano restoration work well into 2019.  We are continuing to provide piano repair/refinishing, tuning and regulation services in your home. Contact us with any questions!

We provide complete and partial restoration of pianos and can provide estimates based on the state of the piano and customer needs.  Please call or write to inquire for further information.

Piano Restoration provides years of enjoyment and, for many, restored memories.  Maintenance, however, is necessary for any acoustic instrument.  New music wire has a lot of elasticity and it begins to stretch as soon as it is pulled to pitch.  New strings stretch the most over the first few years.  As the stretching decreases, the pitch remains stable for a longer period of time. Other factors such as humidity, temperature changes, and amount of playing can affect the piano and make it go out of tune. Below is a list of some projects and  related galleries where you can see dramatic changes made to the pianos.  The final product is worth the effort.

Here is a list of past and current projects:
Geo. M. Guild ::  1860’s   ::  Square Grand
Jewett Piano Co. ::  Est. 1860   ::  Baby Grand
H.C. Schomacker :: Est. 1838::  Baby Grand
Weber Upright  :: Est. 1862::  Upright Piano
Chickering & Sons  ::  Scale 122  ::  c.1914
Chickering & Sons  ::  Upright  ::  c.1902
Chickering & Sons  ::  Scale 123  ::  c.1912
Mason & Hamlin  ::  AA  ::  c.1914
C.C. Harvey  ::  Upright  ::  c.1923
Steinway & Sons  ::  M  ::  c.1917